We back exceptional

founders from any and

all backgrounds

Our Mission

We're immeasurably passionate about the companies we help build and the entrepreneurs who created them.

We believe in the power of transformative ideas and investing in diverse teams.

Quite simply, we are committed to closing the gaps of capital access, global creditability, and outcomes for founders in the US and Latin America.

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“Minority founders are often overlooked by Venture Capital firms. The team at Exceptional Capital understood the disruptive nature of Lumu and have added tremendous value to our company.”

Ricardo Villadiego


Our values

Win allocation

We want to add quantifiable value "Founders pick Partners not Firms"


Integrity is the seed for achievement. It is the principle that never fails


We stick to our thesis. We aim to invest in the best B2B/SaaS companies on the planet


We invest in "Exceptional" founders regardless of race, national origin, and gender.

“Being at the front and center of some of the most cutting-edge brands in Silicon Valley and New York for nearly ten years, Marell is known to stay ahead of the curve, and we’re thrilled to see his next evolution”

Jack Dorsey

Founder and Former CEO of Twitter

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